Torlon® is an ideal material for applications where extreme strength, stiffness, stability and wear-resistance are required. It is far more economical than most grades of PI and offers better performance in applications up to 500┬░ F (260┬░ C). Quadrant has exclusively produced Torlon 4203 PAI and Torlon 4301 PAI rod and sheet for several years. More and more engineers are recognizing the performance benefits of Torlon and are impressed by its value. Quadrant has been working to provide the material performance, sizes and shapes that this increasing interest is generating.


High Strength Grades - Torlon 4203 - Torlon 4XG (also known as 5030) - Torlon 5530 (developed by, and exclusive to Quadrant) - Torlon 4XCF (also known as 7130)Wear-resistant Grades - Torlon 4301 - Torlon 4501 (developed by, and exclusive to Quadrant) - Torlon 4540 (developed by, and exclusive to Quadrant)Specialty Grades - Semitron® ESd 520HR (developed by Quadrant for semicon device testing) - Semitron® CMP XL20 (developed by Quadrant for semicon CMP processing)


Torlon(s) reputation among engineering materials has grown since its introduction leading it to be the material of choice for those designing plastic parts requiring extreme heat resistance, wear resistance and/or mechanical strength. Specific applications within semiconductor manufacturing, turbo machinery, chemical process pumps and the aerospace industry are now common. Although capable of being injection molded, many Torlon parts are machined into final form.